Instagram, the master of all graphical marketing methods, had evolved significantly since its inception a few decades ago when square photographs with vintage effects were the only style of post allowed. The social networking site enables users to post in a variety of formats, including still photographs, short films, and live videos, as well as Stories, Reels, and IGTV videos.

In 2016, basic functionalities for video marketing got released, and the platform gained popularity in 2019. Since Instagram added the Reels feature to the current IGTV function in 2020, it has grown in popularity. So, how can you know when you should use whatever form of video post?

Here’s a quick rundown of what IGTV & Reels are or how they might benefit your business if you’re not sure whether either of the two versions is right for you.

Reels from Instagram

Reels are video snippets that are 15 to 30 seconds long. They usually consist of many clips of video that have been stitched together with music, filters, and text.

Reels are Instagram’s response to what TikTok has to offer. Like that other video-sharing-focused social media channel, Reels allows marketers to produce and share content that attracts an audience and entices them to click for more. Do you want to gain more followers? Then you could buy Instagram reels likes to bring in more eyes to your content resulting in broader reach. 

The Benefits of Instagram Reels

If you’re not sure if pursuing Reels is a great way to advertise for your company, consider the following advantages:

Enhances the appeal of educational content

Reels are ideal for creating timelapse videos or giving a brief tour of a location. You may add text to describe things, effects to create a captivating look, and a voiceover as you go along.

Simple to make, time-saving, and low-cost

Informal content is the focus of reels. You may shoot, edit, & publish them on the move with your smartphone. Because there is more relatability, this helps to bring your business closer to customers. Reels are cost-effective since they do not require costly set-ups, making them ideal for firms with limited resources. Is it possible that you’re one of them?


Instagram’s version of YouTube is called IGTV. It allows you to post videos that are one to 10 minutes long. The content is frequently professionally produced and edited, much like a conventional advertising campaign or television show.

For users who want more than a sample of your content, IGTV is the place to go. You can post a thorough product review, have a conversation with a key industry influencer, conduct a lengthy Q&A with a consumer, and so on. Firms who wish to improve their marketing strategy to focus on videos give them new possibilities to increase popularity. You could go to buy IGTV views to boost your views and build a loyal follower base. The following are some of its advantages:

Emergence on the Explore page of Instagram

IGTV videos are, quite simply, more eye-catching. On the Instagram Search Results page, and has its devoted tab. It provides you with a vast potential to reach new people.

Longer videos are more valuable.

The duration of your video on IGTV allows you to provide more value. Instagram TV is the method to go when a circumstance calls for a lengthy discussion, including a complex topic analyzed or a yearly product round-up. You can make movies that address your consumers’ problems, interests, and so forth.


So, which one should you choose? Reels or IGTV? The truth is that all solutions offer advantages and disadvantages to consider, and companies may select one or the other, or perhaps both, based on their goals & budget.

As a result, if you want to master the video presence on Instagram, a well-balanced blend of both would help you attract a larger audience and maintain their attention.

What Performs Great For Your Business: IGTV or Reels?
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