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How To Set Smart Social Media Goals In 2023

Is your company having trouble establishing social media goals? Ones that have concrete goals and a realistic chance of success?

Do not feel isolated.

This month of January is known as the “New Year’s” month. It’s a great time to evaluate where you are in terms of your social media goals and where you want to be by the end of the year.

And we can’t wait to be of assistance to you in this venture!

To get from where you are now to where you want to be on Facebook, Twitter, and all your social media channels, it is important to set goals and then monitor your progress.

As with any other form of advertising, social media can help your business succeed, but only if your efforts are focused.

We’d like to suggest that you take the time to plan out your social media strategy for your company in great detail and then dedicate time and effort every day to achieving those goals.

When you decide what you hope to accomplish through your social media efforts and begin measuring your progress, the game really starts to heat up.

Setting Objectives for Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Exactly why is it beneficial to plan out your social media strategy with objectives?

In case you’re wondering, in case you haven’t done this before: YES, it’s crucial. Visualize the process as drawing up directions to your destination.

Attempting to reach an uncharted location without a precise plan for getting there is like travelling the world without a map. It’s not entertaining, and it doesn’t accomplish much. It’s possible you could make it, but it will take a lot longer.

Achieving your goals is a great way to learn where you stand in terms of abilities and areas of improvement. If you have this information, you can make swift adjustments to your strategy.

Keep in mind that thriving businesses always have objectives. There is no point without them. Get comfortable with it!

When I first started this process, I wasn’t a fan of it. It was challenging because I was used to doing things a certain way on social media.

But I tried it, and quickly realised that my strategy wasn’t the most effective.

How to Plan Your Social Media Strategy in 6 Simple Steps

To what extent have I been able to persuade you? Successful social media campaigns begin with well-defined objectives.

I’ve simplified the process and organised the steps into 6 manageable chunks.

Establish Your Goals as Step One

For each network, what specific goals do you have in mind?
Just what are your end goals? Specify everything.

Can you define SMART for me?

George Doran created the SMART acronym. This term was coined in November 1981, making it over 30 years old. In businesses at the time, it was typically used for evaluating upper-level management’s performance.

Phase 2: Evaluate Your Results

You’ve successfully finished the first stage!

Yes, there was a lot of information to absorb, but remember that Step 1 is the foundation upon which everything else rests.

The second step is to assess how well you are doing on social media right now. Your current abilities will become clear after doing this. Thus, you can use it as a starting point for further development.

You should conduct this preemptive performance review.

Method 3: Establish Objectives and Key Results for Your Social Media Campaigns

Cool stuff! OKRs are a term that was developed at Intel and popularised by Google’s John Doerr.
OKRs are used by many successful businesses as a means of objective monitoring and management.

OKRs are personalised aims and key outcomes, as opposed to the team-wide goals established in Step 1. You can think of the first step as your overall objectives.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) will help you get specific about your social media goals. You will develop a quantitative approach to achieving those broad objectives.

I’ve found that if I lay out my objectives in this way, I’m much more likely to accomplish them. There is no grey area here. There are no nuances.

The Fourth Step: Make a Game Plan

After finishing your OKRs, you can move on to developing an actionable strategy.

Keep in mind that if you aren’t making progress towards your goals, then your OKRs will show no progress. Here, you’ll detail the steps you’ll take to achieve your objectives.

Take a look at one of the OKRs we made:

  • The goal is to achieve a 25% boost in interaction via social media.
  • First and foremost, we increased our daily posting frequency from 0 to 12 times on Twitter and from 5 to 12 times on Facebook.
  • The means by which you intend to accomplish this: Find, organise, and post the best content with Post Planner. Don’t post anything for at least a week unless you’ve planned ahead.

Fifth Step: Measure, Measure, Measure

A quick reminder that weekly measurement of your OKRs is crucial. By collecting this information, you can see clearly what is and isn’t helping. Keep tabs on your development with the help of the aforementioned resources.

After that, it’s time to track your development. All you need is a Google app like Spreadsheet, so you can skip buying any additional equipment. At Post Planner, we use that to keep track of our weekly accomplishments.

Sixth Stage: Iterate and Modify

In regards to step 5, what do you feel was your greatest accomplishment and where did you struggle the most? Do it again and adjust as you go.

When OKRs are consistently surpassed, it’s time to raise the bar by adding more key results or establishing more ambitious goals.

You’ll be able to keep up the hard work and progress towards your objectives even more quickly as a result.