The Definitive Tutorial on When and How to Post Instagram Videos

Creating and publishing Instagram reels is a popular way for content providers to get more followers and spread their message.

Therefore, the key to success for creators is a mix of consistency and Instagram reels.

Although Instagram highlights cannot be planned by default, there are a number of methods available for ensuring consistency and planning ahead with Instagram highlights.

Can Instagram Stories Be Pre-Scheduled?

It might be difficult to find time to regularly update an Instagram reel if you are not a full-time Instagram developer.

Time constraints prohibit producers from utilising the full potential of the organic reach Instagram reels promote your brand because of the time required to edit the video, sync music, and apply filters.

Instagram Creator Studio (formerly Facebook Creator Studio) nonetheless, has expanded the resources available to content makers.

The Creator Studio has several useful features, and one of them is the ability to schedule a post in advance.

If you want to make sure your social media presence remains consistent, you may use one of the many third-party schedulers that do the same thing and allow you to plan posts in advance.

Let’s check at a few of these alternatives for setting up a reel timetable.

How Can Instagram Highlight Reels Be Scheduled?

You may pre-plan an Instagram Reel in a number of ways.

Using Facebook’s and Instagram’s respective Creator Studios is the simplest and most risk-free option.

The Instagram Creator Studio requires a Facebook page that is linked to an Instagram account, so if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get one and link the accounts.

Instead of establishing a new profile and linking it to your Instagram account, you may use a third-party tool like Simplified, Skedsocial, Hootsuite, Later, or another similar software to schedule your Instagram posts in advance.

You can also utilise Instagram draughts to get the reel ready ahead of time and add finishing touches like captions and hashtags before publishing it at a later time.

We’ve got a comprehensive, how-to tutorial on scheduling Instagram reels, so you may go forward in whatever direction you choose.

When Should You Use Creator Studio for Instagram to Schedule Your Instagram Reels?

You may use Creator Studio to plan Instagram Reels if you have a Facebook page associated with your Instagram account or are fine with creating one.

Because you won’t have to grant any third-party integration access to your Instagram account, it’s also one of the safest choices.

You will need to create a Facebook page and link it to your Instagram account if you do not have access to the Creator Studio for Instagram and Facebook.

How to Use a Scheduling App to Schedule Instagram Reels

You can use this approach if you don’t have a Facebook page or don’t want to link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile.

This approach is far simpler than the Creator Studio’s way of scheduling Instagram reels, using only a few clicks on the mouse.

To schedule an Instagram Reel on most applications and websites, you will need to authorise the app to communicate with Instagram.

When you’re ready, upload the footage or photos you want to showcase in increase your Instagram likes.

Ahead of Time Instagram Reel Configuration

Although Instagram Reels may now be scheduled in advance using the Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram, this wasn’t always the case.

Instagram’s draughts function looks like that.

Your Instagram Reel may be added at any time, even in advance.