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How To Use Instagram For Business Growth?

There is not the slightest shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that Instagram has made significant headway over the course of the past several years.

Its rapid expansion has resulted in the acquisition of at least 500 million active members on a monthly basis, putting it ahead of other social networks such as Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
Because Instagram now provides businesses with more advertising alternatives, this platform has become a highly fascinating possibility for marketers as well.

The social networking sites are about to undergo a period of significant upheaval, as was made evident by the recent modification of their emblem (which can be seen below).
Following the introduction of Instagram’s new logo and the revamp of the app’s interior to tones of black and white (which makes photographs stand out more than they ever had before), the social media platform has now introduced its new corporate profiles. Make sure you don’t miss out on the important news!

A brand new company profile on Instagram

The most significant development for businesses on Instagram is the introduction of new corporate accounts. These profiles have significant parallels with Facebook pages designed specifically for companies.

Users and brands have only had access to a single sort of account up until this point, but beginning immediately, companies will have access to additional capabilities, including the following:

A new contact button that displays maps with the company’s location, in addition to allowing users to contact the brand through the network’s internal messaging system, SMS, and by phone; users may also send text messages to the brand. As a result, marketers can now use Instagram as a new customer care channel to stay in contact with their followers, respond to any questions or concerns they may have, and fix any difficulties they may be experiencing.
The streamlining of their advertising system, which now includes the option to sponsor posts among its new features. In the same way that it does on Facebook, the system notifies companies of the posts that produce the most impressions and interaction and invites them to sponsor those posts in order to further extend their reach.
Within the next several weeks, Instagram’s new corporate accounts for business users will become accessible in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. After that, Instagram plans to progressively roll out the feature to the rest of the world.

Instagram for commercial purposes: latest statistical findings

However, that’s not the end of it! Company marketers will now have a lot easier time monitoring what is happening with their Instagram corporate pages when this update has been implemented.

A comprehensive statistics system that keeps you up to speed with everything that is happening on the network is yet another wonderful new feature that has been included.

The blog for the app Later, which allows users to schedule posts on Instagram, has already released several screenshots that demonstrate these newly added capabilities.

Companies will be able to, thanks to the newly implemented statistics system,

View a comprehensive demographic study of their users, including information on their ages, genders, locations, and more. The study is made much easier to understand thanks to the use of pie charts to present the data on age and gender.
Filter people based on their location, schedule posts to correspond to multiple time zones, and examine audience preferences based on where they are located.
Get familiar with the days and times of the week during which users access the network the most. This enables businesses to steer clear of the slow periods and concentrate their content posting efforts on the busiest parts of the day, therefore expanding the scope of their audience.
Make use of the brand-new Perspectives area (which functions in a manner analogous to that of Facebook’s insights) to examine information concerning impressions, clicks, and the actions taken by individual users.
Create categories for the posts based on the total number of impressions they got over the course of various time periods. This is really important information that will allow you to concentrate your material on the topics that your readers find most fascinating.
Check out how much time, on average, your followers spend on your profile, both overall and broken down by day of the week. This is really crucial information to have in order to determine the quality of your visits and whether or not you are able to capture the interest of your consumers.
Analyse the effect of each post in relation to the size of your account by comparing the number of people that viewed the post to the total number of followers you have. This will give you a good idea of how each post is performing. You’ll have the ability to monitor the performance of your content in this way over time.
As you can see, there is a significant amount of data that will enable you to conduct an analysis of the activity that your brand engages in on Instagram, determine the types of material that are most successful, and optimise your plan to get better results.


The new features of Instagram for business give wonderful potential to promote your brand and to reach even further with this social network. As a result, it is fantastic news for marketers all over the world.

But don’t forget that the most essential thing, and the thing that will draw the most attention on social network, is to win over your users with photographs and videos of the highest possible quality!