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Instagram’s Best Travel Hashtags For Followers

Influencers and travel bloggers frequently use Instagram to showcase their exotic lives and provide advice for planning the perfect vacation.

Yet it’s become more and more difficult to stand out in the sea of Instagram trip photos. Your trip photos and posts will gain more attention and likes if you include appropriate hashtags.

1. Most Trending Hashtags for Vacations

If you’re planning a trip, you should definitely use one of these popular Instagram travel hashtags! Although these high-traffic hashtags are a certain method to reach new individuals in your audience, we advise utilising a combination of these and more niche travel hashtags to maximise your reach.

2. Hashtags for High-End Vacations

For the affluent traveller who wants to show us the world’s finest accommodations and attractions. Instagram is largely dominated by celeb and travel influencer accounts showcasing their extravagant vacations. Use these hashtags to increase your reach when posting about high-end travel:

3. Hashtags of Exciting Experiences

It’s been found that there are thousands of Instagram users that share your preference for outdoor activities such as hiking. Using these adventure hashtags will ensure that your outdoor-related posts are seen by the correct people:

4. Beach-Related Hashtags, Number Four

With the combination of the sand, sea, sun, and salt, only one thing can be expected. Here are the most popular beach-related hashtags for your trip Instagram, along with pictures of white sand beaches and clear blue water.

5. Hashtags for Cities

Use these city hashtags on Instagram to show off your trip images from the coast to the capital. Don’t forget to always write up the whole city names (and other location names) that you visit. As a result, other tourists may easily locate your postings and benefit from your expertise.

6. Hashtags for Women Traveling Alone

Instagram is a fantastic resource for ladies who are venturing out on their own. Several bloggers and social media influencers in the travel industry are women who travel alone and who have created trending hashtags to unite like-minded women on the road.

7. Trending Hashtags for Family Vacations

You’re not the only one on a trip with kids. There are many of Instagram accounts dedicated to families’ travels with kids. Put your content in front of the appropriate people by using these hashtags for family vacations:

8. Hashtags for a honeymoon

On Instagram, couples who travel together are trending topics. When else do people go on a vacation as extravagant as a honeymoon?! Rose petals and water villas in a tropical paradise… use these popular Instagram honeymoon hashtags:

9. Hashtags for Travel Videos

Because to the proliferation of high-quality camera drones, GoPros, and sophisticated video editing apps for mobile devices, vacation films have become a popular Instagram genre. Even though the maximum time constraint makes it difficult to pack a whole vacation into a 1 minute video, more and more influencers are posting and uploading IGTV movies documenting their journeys. Some Instagram vacation video hashtags are as follows:

Tag Advice

You can get yourself shadow-banned if you use an excessive number of useless hashtags or spam your posts with them.

The key to getting your content seen is to utilise both broad and narrow hashtags, but always keep in mind that your hashtags should be related to the content you’ve provided.