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7 Effective Ways To Create An Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags in 2023 are a great tool for expanding your Instagram following. They don’t cost anything and involve almost little work on your part, but they can bring in new readers who might enjoy your material.

But how do you decide which hashtags would best represent your post on Instagram? In what quantities and locations should they be used? The appropriate Instagram hashtag approach, together with a great video creator and narrative editor, may do wonders for spreading your polished video ad or image. To help you dominate the Instagram hashtag game, here are seven simple yet powerful strategies:

Think about how many you’re using and where you’re putting them

Recent research by SocialInsider analysed the effectiveness of hashtags over 650,000 Instagram posts. Overall, the most popular postings were those that concealed seven or thirty hashtags in the description. However, they discovered that the best amount of hashtags, where they should be placed, and how visible they should be depended on the size of the profile.

Don’t broadcast your Instagram hashtags; bury them in the description

Instagram only displays so much text in your feed before you have to click the “show more” button to see the rest. You want your hashtags to show in the space right below the link. The challenge is how to add enough text to conceal your hashtags while still keeping your descriptions succinct, which is always a smart idea.

The secret lies in using line breaks. However, this is trickier than it sounds since line breaks added to text typed straight into the caption editor are sometimes lost when using the Instagram app.

The workaround is to compose your caption in a separate text editor (like a note-taking software) and then paste it into the image caption field. To create at least five lines, type a character (a period is the most stealthy, but asterisks or anything else will do) followed by a line break, another character, and another line break. Copy this, add your hashtags below, then paste it into Instagram’s caption editor.

Research trending hash tags that pertain to your brand

Examine the hashtags utilised by comparable influencers and companies. The use of relevant hashtags increases the likelihood that your material will be discovered by those looking for it. It’s a fantastic method for making sure your content is being seen by the right people.

When you enter a hashtag into Instagram’s caption editor, the number of posts that use that hashtag will be displayed immediately. Hashtag finders and generators are other resources for brainstorming appropriate hashtags for your material.

Before using a hashtag, look for similar ones on Instagram

It’s a good idea to do an Instagram search for a potential hashtag to see who else is using it and what sort of material it brings up before actually using it. It’s not necessarily applicable to your content just because it was employed by a well-known influencer or business.

Mix widely used Instagram hashtags with more specific ones

The age-old conundrum of internet marketing is whether or not to employ a highly competitive yet potentially fruitful popular search phrase, category, or hashtag. Or should you go with a more precise niche term that won’t get as many impressions but will be viewed by individuals interested in that topic?

You may join the ranks of the Instagram famous by using trending photography hashtags, but so can a lot of other people. Hashtags that are specific to a topic or geographic area might help you reach your target audience more effectively. Include both in all of your posts.

Make a list

Every Instagram post doesn’t need you to start from scratch. Create a catalogue of brand-related hashtags. That way, you may save time and effort while making a post by selecting relevant hashtags from the already list. This list also allows you to keep track of the number of times you’ve used each hashtag.

Vary your routine

By using a variety of hashtags, you may reach more people interested in different topics. If you own a sailboat rental business, it’s in your best interest to connect with people who are interested in both #sailing and #sailboats. You may test out several different hashtags to determine which ones generate the most interest by using a variety of them in each post.

Keep in mind that hashtags are how Instagram users discover new and interesting material. By following these guidelines and utilising a wide range of pertinent hashtags, you can increase the likelihood that the individuals who care most about your message will find you and, ultimately, support your business.

If you want to see a wide range of hashtags in action, go no further than this article and its comments.